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Choosing to have your property professionally managed is a big commitment.
Historically, many New Zealand landlords prefer to go down the ‘do it yourself’ route, which is especially true if only one or two investment properties are involved.
While many investors choose to do this and self-manage their rental properties, they often do so without fully understanding the scope of what’s involved or the very-real risks that are present if it’s not done properly.
The role of a landlord or property manager these days is so much more than simply coordinating tenancies and rental payments. Legislation and compliance now play a significant role in terms of both the successful management of a tenancy, and also the consequences that come from non-compliance, or failing to meet legal obligations.
As our industry sees ever-increasing layers of compliance and legislation, you need to trust you have the right people on board, with the right skills and knowledge to keep you safe.
This guide provides a comprehensive overview of the key issues surrounding tenancy management, highlighting why a Ray White property manager is the person best equipped to help look after your needs, and keep you and your tenants safe.

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Whether you own one investment property or many, there are numerous financial factors that can impact the return on your investment and its long term viability.
It’s important for all landlords to understand these factors, not only to ensure their investment is performing at its best, but to help make educated decisions around their property investment future.
Financially speaking, landlords must now navigate an ever-changing environment of lending rules, loan-to-value restrictions, interest deductibility changes, and more. Professional advice and experience is now more valuable to landlords than ever before, whether that be from an accountant, mortgage broker, or financial advisor.
This guide is designed to provide an overview of the key factors that can impact financial performance in the residential property investment market, and to highlight for landlords where professional advice must be sought.

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